Sewage Tanker

sewage tanker

MAN waste water tanker with brand new sewage tank available for sale. The tanker is perfect inside and out in terms of both its physical state and also its operational condition. Interested buyers can contact us for inspection and test drive.

The technical/specification details of the tanker are as follows:

Truck chasis (head) details:
– Model: MAN
– Make: Germany
– Year: 2003
– Color: White
– TGA 18.460
– Tyres: 12.00 R24

Sewage tank details:
– 5000 gallons capacity
– Round Tank with 2 dish end (8mm thickness)
– 6mm thickness shell plate
– 8mm thickness partition wall
– 6inch drainage valve
– 4inch (2 nos.) and 3inch (1 no.) suction valve



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